Industry Segments

Tata Steel Bearings Division is committed to not only meet the customers’ expectations and needs but also to set new parameters in product and service excellence.

In a rapidly growing economy when customers are getting more quality conscious and discerning every day, Tata Bearings makes sure that it keeps refurbishing its product range with customised developments and innovations to suit specific demand.

While it is true that the Automobile Manufacturing Industry generates more than fifty per cent of the requirement for bearings, the engineering industries and the after-market (replacement) are also major sectors catered to. The Bearings Division adheres to strict delivery schedules and some of its key customers are served online directly. Technical support to OE customers, Mechanics meet etc. falls under service offerings from the Division.

Tata Bearings strategically balances the portfolio of products among various segments/groups. Major customers of Tata Bearings are from the following Industry sectors.