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Centre Bearings

Centre Bearing from Tata Bearings is specially designed for propeller shaft applications in heavy commercial vehicles. These bearings are fitted with two heavy-duty long spring loaded life oil seal on both sides which prevent the bearings from external contamination like mud, water and moisture. At the same time these bearings show excellent capability in retaining grease. Bearings and oil seals are assembled in a phosphatised coated cup which has excellent resistance to rust, corrosion and moisture and provide maximum mileage to vehicles. The specified load rating as shown in the table, are calculated as per ISO281:1997(E).


d       C   Load Rating (daN) Maximum Speed
Dynamic (C) Static (Co)
6207 CB 35 74 48 20 2550 1520 5500
6208 CB 40 82 49.2 21 2900 1790 5000
6011 CB 55 107 51 41.0 4780 3200 3900

INDEX : d - Bore Diameter, D - Outer Diameter, B - Bearing Width,r - Corner Radius, RPM - Revolution / Minute