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The Bearings Division of Tata Steel is the first in the category to have successfully challenged the TPM Award from Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance, Tokyo in 2004. It is the only bearings manufacturer in India to have won this recognition till date.

Manufacturing Unit

Plant Location: Kharagpur, at a distance of 140 km from Kolkata.

Capacity: The plant is one of India’s largest quality bearings manufacturing units, with a capacity of over 37 million bearings per annum.

The plant was setup in 1978 by Metal Box India Limited in technical collaboration with M/s Societe Nouvelle de Roulements (SNR), France, a leading Global player in the bearings industry. In 1983, Tata Steel took over the unit, when it had a manufacturing capacity of only 3.0 million bearings per annum. Since then, over the years Bearings Division has seen its transition to a successful manufacturing entity, harnessing its ability to rapidly build on its existing advantages. The Company is today established as a leading bearing manufacturer with its products and services and emerged as a supplier of choice in almost all related market segments.


Total Productive Maintenance

The Bearings Division successfully challenged the TPM Award from the Japan Institute of Productivity Maintenance (JIPM), Tokyo, in 2004 and is the only bearings' manufacturer in India to win the TPM Award from JIPM.

Total Productive Maintenance, shortly termed as TPM, is the concept originated and developed by Japan Institute of plant Maintenance (JIPM) Tokyo, since late sixties. JIPM-TPM paves way for an excellent planning, organising, monitoring and controlling practices through a unique 8-pillars method.

When the technical collaboration with M/s Societe Nouvelle de Roulements (SNR), France expired in 1986, all developments started being carried in-house through equipment from companies of global repute and state-of-the-art processes that are at par with latest technology advancement. Specialised laboratories with high-tech measuring instruments are available for keeping a close check on the product quality.

In 1999 Tata Bearings entered into a technical collaboration with Nachi Fujikoshi of Japan for development and testing of new generation automotive bearings and special application bearings. Specialised laboratories with high-tech measuring instruments are available for keeping a close check on the product quality.

Support Systems

The operations are supported by utility services, captive standby DG sets for power generating & distributing facilities, well equipped Tool Room, Repair & Maintenance workshops, Chemical Laboratory, Automation Department and Research & Development Laboratories to validate products & processes. The division’s transactional business is integrated on the SAP R/3 software platform. Implementation of ISO14001 and OHSAS standards guide workplace improvements including those related to environment, occupational health and safety. The division also follows Dupont’s safety guidelines for several applications.

Delivery Mechanisms

The different products are delivered to customers through a countrywide network of consignment agents and channel partners. With a geographically widespread customer base, the products from the Kharagpur works are despatched both through road and through rail. There are 15 marketing and sales offices across the country, headed by Regional Managers (RM) in view of enabling relationship management, better control and focus. The division mainly focuses on the domestic market.