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The Company has always been a responsible corporate citizen in its approach to the management of the environment having continuously adopted environment friendly technologies in its operations.

In line with the philosophy of Tata Steel, the Bearings Division believes wholeheartedly that the purpose of business is to improve the quality of life of people and the community it serves. This drives the division towards creation of economic and social values as a primary objective.



The Bearings Division focuses on not merely complying with standards but on improving far beyond stipulated norms and expectations. The senior leaders consider the climatic & environmental issues in the business in a broad perspective to take into account requirements for the future. The Division has started sensitising people about changes in climatic condition and takes proactive measures to address the issue. To start with, Tata Bearings has initiated mapping energy & mass balancing for addressing natural resource conservation. For close control on the issue the mapping of carbon footprint of the whole division is in progress.

Environmental Monitoring Processes

  • Monitoring of Stack emissions
  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
  • Monitoring of ETP discharge water fortnightly (in-house)
  • Monitoring of Illumination and Ventilation in shop floor
  • Monitoring of efficient consumption of HSD & LPG
  • Regular monitoring of water, air and other environmental parameters

Carbon Footprinting

  • Measurement of individual Carbon Foot Print for all employees of Bearings Division
  • Environment Awareness programmes are conducted for children and housewives

A special drive was also undertaken to create awareness on water conservation through posters in conspicuous places and interactive sessions with gardeners and other people who are engaged in horticulture or related activities.

Community Development


The purpose of Tata Steel’s business has been to improve the quality of life of its people, with a special interest in the communities where it operates. The Bearings Division too believes that the progress of the community is integral to a harmonious business environment and to that end has undertaken several need-based as well as proactive initiatives in Kharagpur and its adjoining areas. Manifold welfare measures have been initiated in improving healthcare and sanitation facilities in villages along with provision for sustainable livelihood opportunities for the economically backward sections of society. Every kind of assistance is provided to promote better education facilities for the people living in the region.

Safe Workplace


Ensuring safety in all its operations has always been a strategic priority for Tata Steel and it has adopted stringent safety programmes and norms to ensure that safety culture and safe behaviour is inculcated among employees. Thus, in keeping with the Group’s Safety Policy, every process in Tata Bearings is carried out not only with a cost efficient, quality conscious purpose but also with the highlight always on safe practice. Safety rules are applicable to all employees including contract employees and visitors to the premises. All employees undergo regular health check-ups, frequencies depending on their age and area of operation. People working in areas, which involve visual segregation or inspection, undergo special eye testing once in a year. Those who work in Shot Blasting, Canteen, or, other hazardous areas of production undergo special health check-up e.g. audiometric, lung function tests.

Ethical Behaviour

In 2008, in line with changing times and the globalisation of the Tata Group, the Tata Code of Conduct was updated in consultation with group companies around the world. The revised Code addresses contemporary issues of concern for global business and all employees across the organisation have a clear responsibility to implement the Code. Additionally the Code also extends to contractors and vendors, who must agree to abide by it. The systems and processes are revisited and modified constantly to ensure that they are not subjected to unethical practices. Towards the well-being of employees the Bearings Division has put into practice many initiatives, events and programmes that have encouraged an enduring loyalty amongst employees and enabled them to have a more satisfactory work-life balance.