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Multipurpose Grease

NLGI Grade 3 Grease
For multipurpose use

Premium Quality Automotive Grease

Tata Bearings NLGI Grade 3 Multipurpose Grease is Premium quality long life lithium grease formulated with a specially designed soap system, high viscosity index base oil and carefully balanced synergistic additives for lubrication under heavy loads and intermittent high temperatures. The soap system incorporated in the grease enables it to retain its structure even under severe temperatures and high loads thereby reducing leakage and enhancing component life through extension of relubrication intervals.

Tata Bearings NLGI Grade 3 Multipurpose Grease has excellent shear stability and good surface adhesion. It is non-ageing and highly resistant to cold and hot water, heat, dust, rust corrosion and oxidation. It fully meets stringent requirements of ASTM D 4950 for automotive service grease as also Indian specification IS: 12200.


Tata Bearings NLGI Grade 3 Multipurpose Grease is state-of-the-art high performance grease for all automotive service grease applications, e.g.

  • Two-wheelers
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Chassis
  • Ball/Universal Joints
  • Suspension Requirements

It is also suitable for use in construction and mining equipments operating under severe conditions and for several other industrial applications.


  • Less re-lubrication required
  • Withstands high ambient temperatures of extreme summer conditions as also frictional heat
  • Extremely shear stable at high speeds
  • Ideal for city conditions where frequent braking demands higher performance
  • Preferred choice of OEMs and leading fleet operators
  • Significantly reduces torque requirements for negotiating difficult terrain
  • Fully resistant to water and hence ideally suited for Indian road conditions

Available Sizes

  • 100 gm pouch